Eurobattle 2018

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Welcome to Eurobattle 2018

This year Eurobattle will be in Condor 2.

The competition starts out with 2 training tasks, followed by 38 competition tasks.

We will be using new landscapes, so please be up-to-date with what’s being posted for following weeks of contents.

Top 10 – Overall
1Jens MoellerDK26993
2Sandor LaurinyeczLS6931
3Norbert KissCN6862
4H BlazzHBH6851
5Finn KristensenFK6769
6Laszlo OrsyEJE6742
7Witold RozakWRW6577
8Golden EagleGE76538
9Tim MadsenTKM6393
10Mick Webb266252

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  1. Finn Kristensen 3. april 2017 at 20:20

    Due to several requests, Eurobattle has moved back to

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